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     Changing Hosting Packages

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Posted on: 2007/2/3 11:06
Joined: 2006/12/19
Posts: 74
Changing Hosting Packages
I?ve shared numerous times on other sites about how I like 1and1, my current hosting provider. I still stand behind 1and1 for most websites that are well suited to a shared hosting environment. However, once your site reaches the level of complexity and traffic that my sites receive, shared hosting is not the best solution. In fact, I?m really surprised how well they have held up on a server that has over 700 other websites hosted on it.

However, given that a couple sites have gone down several times over the last few days because the server simply couldn?t handle the load, I think it?s time to move my more DB intensive sites to a more appropriate platform. Specifically, I?m moving them to 1and1?s VPS III solution. The short specs are as follows:

? 50 GB Hard Disk Space
? 512MB Guaranteed RAM
? 2000 GB Traffic
? 100 Mbit Bandwidth
? 1 SSL Certificate
? 2000 E-mail Accounts
? Plesk 8 Reloaded
? 1 Dedicated IP Address
? Unlimited MySQL
? Full root access

In other words, I will have the flexibility I need to configure my sites the way I want for $59/mo. I was skeptical at first, but after spending 40 minutes on the phone with 1and1?s technical support yesterday asking them tons of questions about their package, I?m convinced this will be a good fit for all my DB intensive sites. If/When the sites get to a point that they are too big for a VPS, I?ll move them over to a full dedicated box. 1and1 has full dedicated servers for as low as $99/mo.

I?m really excited about this move because it will allow me to implement enhancements on my sites that I?ve had to put on the back burner for months because my shared hosting package only allows for 100MB databases. Also, I knew that, if the sites were to get any more popular, I would start getting DB connection failures. Soon, this will no longer be an issue.

I?ve got a large amount of work ahead of me over the coming days because this site is not the only site that will be moved. I?m moving all of my DB-intensive sites over to the new server. I?m not going to drop my 1and1 shared account completely though. They?ve been a great host with great security features. I?ll continue to use that package for my sites that have little to no DB requirements and for storage of files. After all, I get 300GB of storage and 1.5TB of bandwidth for dirt cheap. I would be a fool to not take advantage of that resource.

I will do everything I can to ensure that this transfer is as seamless as possible; however, there is a chance that there may be brief interruptions in service on this and my other sites. Please excuse any interruptions and know that once this transfer is complete, many more resources will eventually be added to help compensate for any inconvenience.

Unfortunately, as part of this transfer, PkbCS.com will be temporarily unavailable until the new VPS is provisioned. Until the server is up and ready to go, if you have any questions about paid services from my company, please contact me at contact[at]mywebresource.com. I will respond as soon as possible.


Posted on: 2007/3/7 20:51
Joined: 2006/12/19
Posts: 74
IT'S ALIVE! Muahahaha!
Sorry it took so long to get done, but I finally got my sites migrated over to my new web host, http://futurehosting.biz/

I ended up going with Future Hosting because of their support and the value of their packages. The packages I purchased is the cPanel Elite package. Here's the main highlights...

cPanel - Elite
550GB Bandwidth
768MB Guaranteed RAM
2GB Burstable RAM
40GB Storage
3 Static IPs

For those who don't know/care about the above specs, essentially, I bought the equivalent of a low-end dedicated server. It costs a bit more than I can really afford right now, but the end result is well worth it.

If you are interested in things like web hosting, I highly recommend http://futurehosting.biz/ . I've put those guys through the ringer in the last month and they have been awesome! Their support is the best I've seen and they are eager to make sure you get just the right package for you needs.

I hope you all enjoy the enhanced speed of this new hosting setup. Now that I've got the dirty work out of the way, I can start working on building the content of this site up some more.


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