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Muscle Car Articles : The major cause of road rage and how to avoid it
Posted by guest on 2012/2/8 1:10:00 (4516 reads)
Muscle Car Articles

The major cause of road rage and how to avoid it

Road rage, meaning any kind of out of control anger on the roads, is a serious issue. Road rage is a significant contributor to the numbers of road accidents that occur every year in the UK, making it something that everyone should be taking seriously. Furthermore, many of the factors that contribute to road rage can be circumvented, making much of the anger and the accidents and violence it leads to completely avoidable and unnecessary. This is a look at the cause of road rage and what can be done to avoid finding yourself a victim of it, and if you have you could look into making an accident claim.

Despite the preventability of it, road rage incidents occur in their thousands across the UK every day, with a number of them leading to drastic consequences, much of which could be prevented if drivers simply resisted the temptation to respond to the provocation of another motorist. The single biggest cause of road rage is the decision by a driver to respond aggressively to an action by another driver whether it is slow driving or being cut off by another car- rather than deciding to let the incident pass. Responding in an aggressive manner leads to an escalation in the levels of tension all round, rather than defusing them, and once this process has begun it can be difficult to stop.

Therefore the single best way of avoiding road rage is to refuse to let your frustrations get the better of you when driving even if you are certain that your annoyance is justified. If another driver cuts you off or otherwise annoys you on the roads, breathe deeply and take a moment to think before acting. Ask yourself whether this was a deliberate act or simply a mistake, and whether it is really worth the risk of an accident or violence by retaliating. Furthermore, if another driver has behaved aggressively towards you, do not respond or make eye contact with them. Retain politeness and courtesy in the face of such behaviour, as this will be more likely to calm the situation down. Ultimately it is a matter of taking the adult approach when someone else is behaving childishly.

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